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Accutane And Jittery Feeling

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Hello All,

Question for Accutane users. I have recently started Tane on low dose to start only 10mg been on it for about just over 2 weeks. My question is I have been feeling a bit of anxiety and jitters. Like I have taken diet pills or Adderal or something. I normally do suffer from anxiety from time to time. Just wondering if these jitters go away. I see a lot of other people have had them haven't seen if anyone list how long it lasted or if it ever stopped. I will be at my Dr for my end month appt soon and will stop if it gets worse but I'm hoping its just my body adjusting. Also I have checked my heart rate it is in normal range 84bpm. And I am 34 year old female 5'3 130 lbs, I am non-smoker and am not currently intaking much caffine (little if any). Thanks

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I am not sure if this is what you mean but when I was on Accutane I had experienced some shakiness in my extremities, also along with urges to move. Eventually they went away, although I will say it was quite a uncomfortable feeling crazy.gif


light wash with cleanse

Aveeno Daily SPF 15

Aczone (As only spot treatment)


1000mg Omega-Complex



medium wash with Cleanser

Medium application of Aczone

layer of lotion

Evening Supplements

50mg Zinc

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Yes I believe that is sort of what I am feeling it seems to be the worst about 5 to 7 hours after I take the medicine. Since I take it every morning with food I'm going to try paying more attention maybe I need to eat when I'm starting to feel this way. Because I felt that way again tonight bad but noticed I felt a million times better after dinner. But I was very chatty.. It def gives me a feeling like being speeded up or something I was bouncing off the walls earlier.

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