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A Week Of Of Duac- 100% Clear? What's Going On?

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So, I'm in a bit of a weird situation and I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on whats happening.

I've had moderate chin and cheek acne since I was 12- I'm 21 now. I decided to try birth control because other factors made me believe it was hormonal acne. The doctor prescribed me Alesse when I asked for something to help with my skin- even though now after perusing the hormonal acne forum I know Alesse is very androgenic and awful for acne. I went through a 2 week initial breakout period as expected- cysts in places I usually don't get any acne at all, my jawline and cheeks going generally crazy- my acne was almost doubled. But after a month or so my acne was really calming down, although not clear. At the time I was still using non-prescription BP 2.5% as I have been for years with little result; when I ran out I was in a pickle because I'm on a student's budget and I literally couldn't afford a new tube for a few weeks. My friend who has a dermatologist for her hormonal acne offered me a tube of Tactuo gel, which is the same composition as Epiduo (Differin with 2.5% BP) since it never worked for her. She passed on info on how to use- once at night, with a good moisturizer. At this point I'm ending month 2 on the pill. After less than a week using the Epiduo in conjunction with the pill which was clearing me slowly, my skin is dry and still hyper-pigmented but 100% clear.

So now i'm confused, though obviously simultaneously ecstatic- could Epiduo gel really have cleared me so qucikly, or did the pill just kick in? I've never had a clear day in 9 years until yesterday. I'd believe it was the pill, but there are so many Alesse horror stories and nothing good to speak of about it on this site. How long did Epiduo take to work for you? Was there an IB? What was the process like at the start? I'm wondering if I should get my own prescription for it right away.

EDIT: I meant Epiduo (Duh, silly me); changed it!

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