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Hi guys jsut a bit of avsie im currentyl on a regimine and I have been on it now for 8 weeks. Basically im using expenisve porducts with the main ingrediant being s.A acid whihc is in the face wash and treatment lotion at 2%. I have some duac cream from the doctors and im thinking if Im not seeing imporvements within 4 more weeks I will try this in a Dan stlyed regimine ie mild cleanser,bp then mostirize. I have used it before with sucess but then acne came back however I havent used it proberly for a while now so maybe its could help again applied stirctly this time? Im also on the drug Trimethoprim 200mg morning and night I started taking that on saturday so obviously this will take time to work. Ive posted already about my skin in the adult acne coloumn basically im 27 years old whos suffered from mild to severe acne from 18 with periods of it going away and then coming back again when I was in my mid twenties for the last two years its been very persistant and seems much more stubborn. Ive considered acctuane but I have a history of depression and I dont think Id be able to deal with the side effects beside ive seen people go clear by other methods. Im also cutting out sugers diary from my diet and have been on a regimine of zinc in the morning afternoon and evenings. Alternaitvely could I use the duac in conjuction with the S.A ive heard some people advise me I can and others warning we agasint these mixes of checmicals. So down and confused right now and any advice from you great people would be lovely. Thanks Rob.

Sincerest aplogies for the typos!.

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Hey mate i realize that you posted this in 2013 but by any chance did u find out if the zinc and trimethoprim combo was good or bad because i'm thinking of doing the same thing at the moment of combining them in hopes of better results

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