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Acne That Doesnt Go Away.. For Weeks..

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So.. I have somehow managed to clear my forehead, but I still got acne on my jaw, both sides of my neck and between my eyes and hairline..

I currently take those vitamins:

30,000 iu vitamin d

25,000 beta carotene

400 iu vitamin e

50 mg sink

All this is daily..

The vitamin d seems to help a lot, but no enough to make me clear, and for some reason I have 2x more acne on the right side of my jaw and neck, wtf?

I am tired if avoiding every single mirror I see, and whenever I do, I make sure the light is as low as it can be, so I don't need to see those red things on my face..

I look like I have a disease, they never go away, had them since middle school, now I'm 17, high school. And I seem to be the only one having it among my friends..

I just want to die, whenever I wake up, the first thing I think about is "do I have more acne?", I run to the mirror and check, and ofc I have 1 or 2 more.. I think about acne 24/7, no lie. I look in reflections whenever I go out, too see if its visible and all that shit..

I am suppose to talk to girls, have fun, living the high school life, but I can't, as I use it on checking mirrors and, I can't go for 1 hour without thinking about acne and checking myself

I use Bioelememts acne treatment, it works so much better than other stuff I've tried, but not enough to clear me up, also, my neck and right jaw acne NEVER heals, never.. had it for months now.. no whiteheads tho, sometimes they pop up, but mostly its just red small bumps, actually their medium sized..

I am like a camel, drink tons if water, not much pop, just from time to time. Junk food from time to time. I just can't take it anymore.. for real..


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I can understand your frustration. Although I don't know for sure what triggers your acne I have a couple if tips for you. You need to stop stressing over it. The more you stress the more acne you will have, because stress can cause acne as well. Try to limit the amount of times you look in the mirror. Because looking in the mirror doesn't make it go away, so don't torcher yourself.

I know it's hard, but your doing all the right things, sometimes it just takes a bit longer to find the right combination for you. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules*

Stay strong my friend, your not alone. whistling.gif)

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