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Full Body Cystic

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about a year ago i broke out in the worst acne ive seen on this board.. tried 80mg of accutane for 3.5 months saw next to no improvement gonna load up on some more go for 100mg a day and if that doesnt clear any of it up i dont know what else to do.. its to a point where ive almost put people in the hospital for making jokes about the way my skin looks but luckily i can stay calm enough and just walk away.. i haven't seen a dermatologist yet but im working on getting a referal in the near future i expect to go in there hear some awesome news like yeah we can fix that for around 10 000 walk out pissed and continue living in isolation. before i got cystic acne i could change up my diet and have clear skin in a matter of 2 weeks now ive been dieting for 5 weeks with little to no improvement nothing is more frustrating than having the majority of ur body completely ruined. i have these small lumps all over the place tried to drain em using a needle blood just poured out so i assume those are just scars as well which is always great to learn but thats pretty much the end of my ramble enjoy the pictures.

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