What To Put On Cyst/pimple After It Popped And Bleeding?

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I would have these very nasty cysts that would show up on my face. Whenever i have a pimple, i just put some salyclic acid cream and after a few days it would get smaller.

Cystic pimples on the other hand... never go away by putting salyclic acid. Is this true for everyone else? The only way for my cystic pimple to go away is to actually pop it. However i dont pop it intentionally. I would cleanse my face with a cleanser and eventually after washing my face a few days with a cleanser... the cyst would break and thus bleed and you see a huge red mark and the area is very red.

What should you put on it? Is neosporin good? People say put neosporin because it would heal the wound but that means that the red mark would still be there right? I read some post how someone popped a pimple and then put neosporin and then a bandage on it and they didn't get any red mark/scabbing. Is this true or false b/c that doesn't really make any sense. Because if a pimple is popped and its bleeding you see a mark there. Well for my situation, its never a pimple that bleeds... its a cystic pimple that bleeds when i cleanse my face.

I posted it on this section b/c i know this type of pimple im talking about is cystic pimple. What should i put on it immediately? Or should i not put anything? Also has anyone heard about this product called acne NEXCARE where you put it on a popped pimple and stick it to the face after pimple is popped? Does anyone knows if this works for a cystic pimple that gets popped? Again i do not intentionally pop these cystic pimple but the only way to get rid of them is to pop it and i do it unintentionally when i cleanse my face and the cystic pimple eventually bleeds a lot.

Anyone care to share what is the best option and what product to use? I actually heard ppl say vaseline is good idea? Im very curious about the neosporin and bandage but isn't using a bandage not a good idea? I mean it does sound good but is it?

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Polysporin (Neosporin sometimes causes an allergic dermatitis to the face, so it is not recommended) is a good treatment, but it cant be used too often. I personally use a cream called Sudocrem (you can check out the reviews here on Acne.org) and it works really well. Also sulfur works well before the cyst pops, but I have never personally tried it.

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I usually put BP on a little bandage and stick it on my face and overnight it usually calms down. There's still a little bit of a mark but I find that when I use a bandage the mark will fade a lot faster?

Also, I use this Clean & Clear advantage plus popped pimple drying paste...although I don't normally get cysts a lot so I'm not sure if it will be as helpful? It's just a salicylic acid medication treatment but it goes on as this paste that dries and heals the skin over the popped pimple. It works pretty well for me! It at least heals it over enough so that I can at least throw some makeup over it to cover it up for a few days.

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The polysporin and a bandaid thing works WONDERS. Try it, seriously.

I use polysporin (the ointment with a petrolum jelly base) on anything I know is going to scab if left to its own devices, and neosporin on smaller red marks. Cover with a banadaid and leave on overnight. Keeping the wound moist means that the scab never forms- just fresh skin. Its usually healed over within 1-2 days, and thats with new pink skin rather than an ugly scab.

Just don't use either of these creams too often, or all over your face. Spot treatment for popped marks only.

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Hey there--

I use two things, depending on my mood haha tongue.png :

1. I crush an Excedrin (Headache relief with aspirin) without coating and then add a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar or water to it so that it's a paste. After cleansing my face, I put on a fingertip-full amount of the paste on my spot for the entire night. I find that it's great for the redness, but it can be drying.

2. If I think that the spot is too dry, I will put Neosporin on it overnight instead of the paste. I have put a band-aid (small) on it overnight, but most of the time I just leave it without the band-aid. The only thing that I caution with this is that it can cause the spot to become TOO hydrated. Therefore, the skin will become very easily ripped. So, when you take the bandaid off, DO NOT MESS WITH THE SKIN AT ALL. Seriously, or else the skin might rip off and you're left in a situation that's worse than a bleeding cyst--an open wound.
This is good for healing, but no so much for redness.

Sometimes, I will do the Aspirin paste the first night, and then follow with the Neosporin treatment the second night. They go well right after another. In fact, I just healed a cyst using this method recently. The skin around it is still sensitive, but it was record healing time.

Good luck!

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