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Hello gals (and guys)! Today marks the beginning of month 9 on Spiro. I thought it would be a good time to do a quick update. Actually, knowing me this might be long...

This is my second time on spiro, and it is still my miracle medicine. I know it doesn't work for everyone. Sometimes the side effects aren't worth it, and it is so important to listen to your body and your instinct. Beauty is not worth sacrificing your health.

With that said, I've had ups and downs on this med. I started at the highest dose, 200mg per day. A couple months ago I started experiencing pretty intense shortness of breath that was constant for a full week. I decided to ween down very slowly so my skin wouldn't freak out, but I could feel comfortable breathing again. As soon as I lowered my dose, the breathing problems went away. I'm at 175mg per day now, and hope to get down to 150 by the end of the year. I still have shortness of breath every so often, but it only lasts a few minutes. This has been the only worrisome side effect for me.

Here are some other side effects: I'm thirsty all the time and have to pee a lot, but this is to be expected with a diuretic. My body has really changed. I'm looking much more curvy and feminine. I gained a few pounds, but they seem to have all gone to the right places. Total bonus for me! I was getting hirsuitism before I started spiro, and my hair stopped falling out almost immediately. The thicker peach fuzz I had on my face went away in a few months. I had serious fatigue and moodiness the first few months, but this has completely disappeared. Actually, I feel more energetic and even tempered than I have in a long time! Crazy how much normalizing my hormones has changed me externally and internally.

As for the big question - how is my skin?

A little backstory: I started esthetician school two weeks ago. I absolutely LOVE it. Seriuously, it's the best choice I've ever made. Every day I feel like I'm going to Disneyland. Anyway, we've been practicing facials on each other and finally, a few days ago, it was my turn to get one. I was really nervous about revealing my face to the class, but everyone actually remarked on how good my skin looked! The girl that did my facial was upset because she didn't get to practice enough extractions on me. She said I had "three clogged pores on my nose, but that's it." I am still dealing with melasma (a large area of hyperpigmentation that is genetic and aggravated by hormone imbalance and sunlight) and rosacea (redness, visible capillaries, dry and irritable skin which is also genetic and aggravated by the sun). I've started laser therapy for both of those conditions and it's been making a big difference.

I still get the occasional breakout. They are much smaller than what I used to get, not as inflammed, and often just shrink down in a few days. The upsetting thing is, even though my face is so much better now, if I see a pimple starting to form I immediately feel that same sinking feeling I used to get. In my head, this one pimple is just the beginning of a whole new huge breakout. I'm always waiting for my face to start acting up again. Even though it's taken a long 8 months to transform my skin, it still feels too sudden and a bit unreal. I guess I don't quite believe it yet.

I'm posting some updated photos for you. I took these this morning.

I really hope this log will help people. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, or just want some encouragement on the journey. Now that I've started esthetician school, I'm thinking of starting a new log here about my journey. Stay tuned...



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hey skindeepstory, thanks for sharing about the spiro. i am so glad you are having such good success with it. your skin looks really good - so nice and clear!! question for you regarding the melasma what is the treatment that you are getting for it? i have had a microlaser peel and 2 ipl's on the area but it does nothing for the melasma patch on my cheek. i was thinking of trying v-beam but wasnt sure if it would work.

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