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Painful Spot Pls Help! (Pic Attached)

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inflamed spot.bmpScar1.bmpscar2.bmp

Hi, I urgently need some help! I have got this inflamed open pimple since last Friday - I squeezed it on Sunday since it was popping whitehead and it was very painful and swelling.

The other 2 pictures are my sides of face. I suspect I got rolling scars...left since 3 years ago after a series of bad break out and I have always been acne prone skin since grew up so I did not do anything to address the spots and scars. Now I am in my late 20th, and I see my skin looked bad in certain lights.... and I wanted to save them! The scar has affected my confidence to some degree, I will not say I was deeply affected by them, but I could not go out today because the inflamed open pimple on my left cheek for example...

My current skin regime and tools are the following:

Nov 2012

I was using Dan's BP and AHA since last Nov and they did stop the my weekly break-out from happening weekly. I had a break-out free 2-3 months and I did get one pimple before my period, but it went away fast.

Jan 2013

At the beginning January, I bought a clarisonic classic for cleaning my face since I got oily skin and i do wear make up everyday. I also stopped wearing foundation for my face, instead I am using dr Jart's BB cream and since its got sun SPF 30. I also got a sample size of dermalogica's solar defense booster with SPF 50.

Jan 2013

I entered a period of break-out free period which enabled me to concentrate on curing scars (see my pictures).

I bought Obagi clear 4% and Retin A cream (0.05%). I also use Dr Jart Vitalaser for skin regenerating purpose. I read good things about copper peptide, so for the same order I obagi I also order Devita coper peptide for sun damage control (which I do not have...). I know CP is good for skin repaire, so I was using it after I put obagi clear.

In the AM:

Clarisonic cleaning the face

Dr Jart toner

AHA 10%

Obagi clear 4%

some times : 3 times a week I out on CP

sun cream

BB cream

In the PM:

Clarisonic cleaning the face

Dr Jart toner

AHA 10%

Obagi clear 4%

some times : 3 times a week I out on CP

Retin A 0.005%

CP cream

Vitamine E gel all over the face

Beginning of Feb 2013

I bought a face cream with hyaluronic acid , so I now use it straight after cleaning my face.

The rest is the same.

I bought salicylic acid 20% and have used twice, last Friday night for all over the face and Saturday for spot treatment (the inflamed spot in the pic).

not much peeling only skin felt soft and smooth afterwards.

I also got 30% lactic acid but I have NOT got time to apply it.

This week, I got skin biology's super CP serum and Super CP x 2; and lacsal serum (8.5% lactic acid and 15% salicylic acid). I have been using it since Monday, and I put CP x 2 serum on my inflamed spot and now its kind went down but still swelling and got blood in it.. there is something black inside the spot, but I am too scared to insert anything to tick it out... so I just pureed CP serum into it...

So thats pretty much my current regime and products I am using for my face. I do not have other active pimples just the one I took pic.

I want to get advice / suggestion on

1) treatment for that inflamed pimple

2) type of my scars

3) appropriate treatments for my scars, so when I go talk to a derm, I have some basic knowledge... instead of being leading by the doc.

4) any suggestions of how or the right way of using the skin products I have listed above.

Or anyone who has had similar problem like mine and have been making progress / see improvement pls share your experience with me!

Thank you soooo MUCH!!

inflamed spot.bmp



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