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Face Masks!

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I'm a terrible picker, I even create spots by picking and squeezing pores that don't need picking!

One thing that stops me is by taking all my makeup off when I get home, putting on a face mask and leaving it on til I go to bed. When I can't see the spots I don't pick them, and when I have a face mask on it stops me from touching my face- which is something I do subconsciously whilst sat around at home.

Also, it sounds strange but sometimes it's just a nice relief to know that my whole face is completely covered with no spots staring back at me every time I look in the mirror!

I use a dermalogica sebum clearing mask but I suppose if you want to start doing this yourself then you just need to find a face mask that you know you can use often on your own skin without it causing irritation.

Anyway, it's probably not the most normal of solutions but it works for me!

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