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Will This Vitamin E Oil Break Me Out?

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Yesterday I bought vitamin e oil from a local health foods store for the acne red marks along my jawline. The oil I bought was the purest form they had but it still has vegetable oil listed in the ingredients.

Will this cause my face to break out? Yesterday I put some on and left it for a few hours before panicking that it would make things worse so I washed it off. Today things are fine. Would I have signs of a breakout by now if the vegetable oil in the vitamin E oil is comedogenic?

I also have another vitamin E oil from the grocery store that is the synthetic form of vitamin e (dl-tocopheryl), but that one has safflower seed oil and grape seed oil which I know are okay to put on your face.

Over the winter I suffered a somewhat severe breakout for the first time in my life (I'm 22). The actually acne is pretty much gone but I'm left with a pretty significant amount of redness/red marks.

Which oil should I use?

Or any other treatment methods you might recommend for my case are welcome!

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