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What Scar Treatment Should My Scars Require?

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Alright so when I was in high school i used to get these solid light brown material form between both side of my nose and i was young and stupid and eventually just began pushing them out and eventually led to scaring. I do have acne scars as well but the scars around the sides of my nose and small but noticeable when up in person. So I'm 20 now and I want to get these little dots removed from the sides of my nose but not sure what kind of treatment i should go for to remove them. Below are some pictures and would like some suggestions on how i should proceed before heading to the doctor.

Would chemical peeks be able to remove these scars or make them less noticeable?

Left Side


Right Side


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You have normal/large pores combined with some small boxcar/icepick scarring.


Fractional CO2

Skin Needling (dermarolling/dermastamping)


Are your possible options. Personally I would suggest either fractional co2 or skin needling. Chemical peels that can do something carry a lot of risks, and the ones that don't have the risks likely won't do anything for you.

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