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Whiteheads And Caveman

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Hello There!

I wanted to tell my situations because I cannot for the life of me find someone with the same skin as mine. I need some advice though.

I am 25 now. I have always had oily skin the kind that if you fall asleep with your head on the desk and wake up you leave oil behind. Whiteheads have always seemed to be on my nose and pretty much the whole tzone. I broke out bad in junior high but didnt do much for it, tried proactiv on and off, but eventually it went away by just washing it with water morning and night, and not worrying about.

I would have light breakouts through my teens and twenties, but my complexion would remain fair. The whiteheads still existed though, but they were bearable.

One day I decided I wanted perfect skin, so I jumped to 5% BP and went on an intense daily regimen. My skin broke out even more, when I went to the dermatologist they started me on Retin-A which made it worse. Then I went off on my own and tried a thousand different regimens and products including Dan's BP regimen.

Through everything the ONLY thing that seemed to work was the salicylic acid 20% gel skin peel that I would do twice a week. Still I had whiteheads, and I am not sure if anyone has experienced this, but I had one pore in particular on my nose that filled up with infection everyday and I would continually have to open it up and release it. Its been about 8 months and my skin is starting to act up again. The whiteheads are coming back, and the skin peel doesnt seem to be having much of an effect.

I looked at some photos from 4 years ago and the idea came in my head that I should just take it easy on my skin and wash with water again.

So here I am on day two of only washing with water. If anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.

I mostly have used the Nuetrogena power scrub anti stress green face wash

I have tried clay mask with apple cider vinegar which clogged my pores more then anything.

again I have combination/oily skin with mainly t-zone whiteheads and little red bumps.

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The "Caveman Regimen" during which you do not wash your face for 2 months, and allow a layer of skin to heal over the scars works wonders for Rosacea and hyperpigmentation, and costs literally no money. I've had great success with for hyperpigmentation scarring.

Just let your skin rejuvenate through its own biological mechanisms.

By the way, I am 25 years old too and completely understand how frustrating it can be.

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