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Subsicion Europe

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Hi there,

Let me tell you my story in short:

About two years ago I started scarring, at first I panicked and got depressed. At the time I was obsessively reading the boards looking for solutions. I dermarolled and needled myself with mixed results. Got improvement in boxscars but the whole area of my cheek that i rolled got sunken in and saggy. I also did TCA crosses on myself, had a couple of minor accidents but everything healed in the end. Got some nice results on a couple of boxcars and icepicks. The downtime was awful tho.

Last year I decided it was time for professional help. I went to a derm and he adviced me Sculptra and Fraxel.

Sculptra for the area that got sunken in by dermaroling and some rolling scars. I had 3 rounds of Sculptra and that helped some. The area is still a bit sunken in and saggy but there is a lot of improvement. The rolling scars improved but are still visable.

I had 2 rounds of Fraxel Restore and that helped a lot. 6 months after the second my skin was looking healthy and more like i was used to. Very evenly toned and the scarring improved a lot.

My only problem at this point is a few rolling scars left. I want to get subcision on those but I live in The Netherlands. We have excellent medical facilities but I was only able to find one derm that does subcision in our country. I went to visit him yesterday but he told me he couldn't do subcision on me because the scars aren't deep enough.

From what I've seen, heard and read, I disagree. Therefore I want a second opinion.

Is there anybody on the board that had subcision done in Western Europe? Like Germany, Belgium, France. Or maybe in Nothern Europe. I'm willing to travel for it.

The UK is also an option. So for the UK people. If I go to London on a trip. What derm do you recommend me for subsicion advise?

All help is much appreciated. Any questions on my journey are welcome.


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