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Occasional Picker

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Hey everyone,

So I'm new to this community here mainly because I need people to talk to about my problem of picking. I'm not a chronic picker but I do it occasionally and it really affects me emotionally.

In fact, I just picked about 20 minutes ago.

I feel like bursting into tears right now because I've been trying for so long to stop doing this to my skin. I feel like I'm disrespecting myself even though the picking seems to be so automatic everytime I see a mirror and have time to waste.

There's a blemish on the side of my face that won't go away and everytime I see it I go crazy. I don't want to pick but something inside me pushes me so hard and I end up torturing my face for almost half an hour straight. By the time I'm done I finally step back and look in the mirror at my face. All I see then is a face full of red blotches that will eventually turn into brown spots the next day. Sometimes blood trickles down my face from all the pressing. I pick like this once or twice a week.

I just want to stop. Everytime I tell myself I won't ever do it again, I let myself down. Please, I need help. I'm crying right now and my face hurts. Any sort of comfort and empathy will be great.

Take care,


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Hi Joanna I am exactly where you are. I pick until I rip the skin off. I am now left with burnt skin and open sores. Going to start the 30 day challenge today. I hope it works

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