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Aha Good Or Bad?

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I've finally concluded that using AHA will cause me to break out. I started the regimen on December 10th, 2012, and I've been clear ever since mid-january, so I'm completely happy with the regimen. The only issue is this AHA. I was just wondering if anybody else gets good results with AHA, cause from what I've read, AHA seem breaks a lot of people out. Whenever I use it I will notice that within the next few days, 1-3 pimples will appear on my forehead (my main problem area, and spot where I apply AHA) pop up from the spots I apply it to. So tell me people, do you have any tips, and what are your thoughts on AHA?

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Are you talking about's AHA? Or just AHA's in general?


light wash with cleanse

Aveeno Daily SPF 15

Aczone (As only spot treatment)


1000mg Omega-Complex



medium wash with Cleanser

Medium application of Aczone

layer of lotion

Evening Supplements

50mg Zinc

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For myself, AHA is what helps the most. There may be an ingredient in Dan's that your skin doesn't like. Try a different AHA. I use a 12% gel that works really well.

No regimen is one-size-fits-all. You are unique and so is your skin.


Black soap - Lumiplexion Salicylic Acid ~ Lumiplexion SPF 30 ~ Lumiplexion moisturizer


Black soap ~ Lumiplexion Glycolic Acid 12% (3-4x week) ~ Lumiplexion Hydroquinone 1-2x week

Lumiplexion enzyme mask / sulfur mask / moisturizing mask 1-2 week as needed


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