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Why Do My Bigger/deeper Pimples Seem To Heal Better Than Some Of The Small Ones?

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I've had some big cysts and pustules, deep under the skin, that have left NO scars or hyperpigmentation whatsoever. The whiteheads I get are small and they scab over, and they always leave dark little pinprick-sized spots of hyperpigmentation. I don't get it. For example, a few weeks ago I got a pustule on my left cheek. It seemed pretty deep, there was no head.. it hurt quite a bit. I left it alone for a few days and there still wasn't a head.

I tried popping it, first blood came out, then loads of clear yellowish liquid, then a small yellow solid 'ball'.. sorry to be so gross lol. I kept pressing on it and squeezing it to get all the liquid and blood out. By this time it was a dark red and inflamed. I was afraid it was going to scar quite badly so I left it alone. I tried squeezing it again the next day and it was still oozing clear yellowish liquid. Then, the next day it scabbed over. Dark and crusty. About 2 days later I was getting pretty annoyed so I slowly pulled the scab off (I know this is bad but I was desperate) and I was very pleasantly surprised to find there was not a scar or hyperpigmented spot in sight underneath that scab! I don't know why this happens! I had a medium-sized cyst on my forehead as well that took a long time to go away but eventually did, with barely a trace. I'm quite confused.

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