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Red, Red Whine

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Hello, couldn't resist the title. Has it been done?

I'm a cured-for-now 29-year old woman with a red face. I was spot-prone since my teens, but two years ago my skin got really bad. I started to get big cysts as well as ordinary spots, and the skin on both cheeks near my nose became very red, thin, flaky and sometimes swollen and sore. The end of my nose would also get inflamed and deeply red (almost purple). My doctor thinks I have rosacea as well as 'normal' acne.

I was eventually prescribed Dianette (Diane35) and Minocycline, which I've been taking for nearly 3 months. The effect has been brilliant - I've had no spots or cysts for the past 6 weeks or so, not even during the pill-free weeks. My rosacea is no longer inflamed or flaky.

What I do have now, like I said, is a red face. Both cheeks are permanently reddish, and I have purplish marks left over from the spots. I'm still so delighted about the pimples going away that I can't feel really down about the marks, but I do want to help fade them if possible. So that's my main reason for visiting, for now.

Thanks for reading!

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