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Is This Same As Differin? (Adapalen Gel)

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I'm new to this forum, so hi all! (and i'm not native, but hope you'll understand me :) )

I got prescribed locally manufactured topical gel with adapalen (0.1%) (so it's not differin). I can't find any information about it online, only some "legal" registration info.

My question is, how does the differin gel feel like after a few minutes? Because this one dries really it ok? Should I apply some moisturizing cream after the gel is dried (let's say after 20 minutes)?

And also I read about the differin, that it should be kept overnight, but i put this gel for the first time for 4 hours and then cleaned my skin with soap and in the morning my skin was really dry and slightly red. My doctor told me, i can keep it till my skin is not irritated, but i didn't feel anything, so i'm quite afraid to keep it overnight (i sleep 8-9 hours..), because some "disaster" can happen to my face and i have to go to work, you know :). So should I keep it?

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