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Unusual Discoloration, Seeking Advice

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Hi, I'm a 27 year old male that experienced some cystic acne in his teenage years, and continues to experience acne today. After some acne about nine years ago, my face developed some blotches of red marks (near the top of the photo) around where I had acne. They are not small, circular, round marks that seem to match up with old pimples, but rather a stubborn blotch of red that shows up more distinctively in person than in photographs.

Although the blemishes aren't too severe, their stubbornness bothers me. IPL treatments, every cream imaginable, several chemical peels, five Fraxel: Restore treatments and a whopping nine years of time have hardly done anything to reduce the discoloration.

What do I have to do to get rid of this discoloration? Must I go up to Fraxel: Repair? What kind of scarring is this, anyway? Wouldn't PIH have faded by now?



Completed second course of Accutane December 2010 (40 mg). Waited one year, then had 5 Fraxel: Restore treatments with little improvement. Success with the Regimen, but now off of it because it made my skin too dry.


-Whole grains, fish, organic, dairy free, low glycemic

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