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Waxing And Accutane

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So, I know this topic has been brought up a lot on Waxing.

My question, however, is quite different and I haven't seen this question on the site yet so here goes...

I started accutane yesterday. I will be on 10mg/day as my acne is not severe. I just have small bumps and a few big pimples here and there. I love getting my eyebrows waxed (3x a week) and I live in Seoul, Korea and there aren't any places that do threading. Waxing and lazer hair removal are the big options here in Seoul.

I was wondering, can I continue to wax my eyebrows during the beginning stages of taking accutane? For how long can I keep waxing until the accutane kicks in and I will have to stop?

Will waxing the body be a bad idea too? Even if I'm just on 10mg a day?


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When our first daughter (she is now 20) waxed while on a low dosage of accutane it literally peeled the skin off her eyebrows.

As her parents we read all the info given to us about the do's and don'ts while on accutane, but nowhere did it say not to wax/facials/scrubs. I am happy to tell you that for our daugther, she was ok but believe me, she didn't wax,have facials or anything for 6 months AFTER she stopped her treatment. Yes, she had bushy eyebrows for the 5 months she was on accutante, but today, her face is flawless.


Our 14 yr old daughter (50klg) is now on a 40mg accutane journey, scheduled for 5 months. We joined this site for our daughter after reading how so many of the people being prescribed this drug are not given the extremely important information to know while on accutane. By asking the question you have, it is clear your derm has not explained exactly how this drug works.

Read the info at this link from

They should make this the home page for any topic that deals with accutane.

Best of luck on your treatment and use this link to figure out the cumulative amount you should take for your weight.

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