Scalp Acne Help That Won't Dry Out Hair?

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I have read A lot of Topics on here related to scalp acne on here and I plan on picking up a few things then i started to look at the dates on these posts and began to wonder if there is anything better now. I have a few things that i worry about and am going to add here. (it may not matter I'm not sure just thought it would be cool to ask)

1. I believe this contributes hugely to my scalp acne problem I am a mixed girl (black/white) i have very thick curly hair it gets very dry. and the things I've read online seem to conflict how I've been told to take care of my hair (just trying to give an idea here) But i have been told to Wash my hair once a week because it tends to dry out faster if washed everyday I need to use oils and stuff for my hair which i know can cause acne. IS there anything that sort of meets in the middle for this problem?

2. I have always suffered from acne this is nothing new and from what I have learned from my acne i have Cystic, But I cant afford a doctor visit to confirm this My shoulders Breasts and back are just horrible( wont get into this too much) But i cant tell if that is going to my scalp as well because these pimples/cysts whatever they are get pretty large at least the size of a quarter, it makes brusing my hair damn near impossible. My scalp also will leak a clear fluid that causes my hair to get very crusty and it is pretty much an open sore.

So my questions (I am saving to go to the Doctor but since i'm currently unemployed yeah.) starting college this summer and my lack of confidence may interfere with this

Is there any Shampoo/conditioners that will keep my hair from getting dry? and are not super expensive? Heading to the store today and i just would love to get some ideas so i can try some things out :) Thanks bunches guys

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Scalp acne is usually foliculitus... it could also be the cause of your body acne as well. You have to figure out if it is bacterial or fungal since conventional medical treatment focuses on one or the other. Things you could try that are both antifungal and antibacterial that are available without seeing a doctor are tea tree oil shampoo's/conditioners, or washing your hair with apple cider vinegar. That's what I would try! Also, do not use the same towel twice and wash your pillow cases ofter since it spreads easily.

Love and accept yourself for exactly who you are right now.

25, female, moderate acne since age 12.

Accutane at least 6 times.
Intolerances: corn & wheat & alcohol.

100% clear, if I follow the diet.

"the absence of flaw within beauty, is itself a flaw."

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This is an old post- but I figured I'd bump it. I'm having the same problem and wonder if anyone has found something that works. I have curly/wavy hair that tends to be dry and bushy, and develops split ends unless I use emollient conditioners. This is kind of a vicious circle since I also get scalp acne on occasion and it is impossible to treat with the typical drying over-the-counter scalp remedies. I also think the average anti-dandruff/ clarifying shampoos irritate and dry out my scalp so much that any chances of ingrown hair multiply.

I dislike how so many acne and scalp treatments are so drying. The dermatologist I see and primary care doctor both seem to be at a loss, and only prescribe antibiotics, which work only half the time.

The only shampoo I've had any ok experience with was Nioxin, which is more for hair loss than anything, but it's really expensive and not that great for dry hair.

I'm sick of this skin... I wish I could shed it like a snake and start over.

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