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Hey everyone, I've been lurking around here for a couple of years now. Today I am forcing myself to work up some nerve and ask for a little help. I'm 22 years old and have battled acne all of my life. When I was in high-school it was quite bad. However, about two years ago I started having less acne issues and more other issues with my face. My face is quite oily and it is also very itchy most of the time. When I wash my face it feels too dry and when I moisturize it feels too oily, if that makes sense. I occasionally still get bad breakouts. I have lots of blackhead issues, tiny bumps all over, redmarks, and almost a roughness to my skin - hopefully you can get what I mean by looking at the pics. I know my skin is not terrible but it's bad enough to make me feel really embarrassed. I guess I feel like I suffered as a teen with severe acne and now as an adult I would like to clear the aftermath up. I've tried a million washes, lotions, etc. If anyone had any advice, or can tell me anything about my skin, I am all ears. And truly appreciate your time. (Also the white patch is an indentation scar from a bump and I know it's not going anywhere unfortunately).




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Two or three years ago i decided to boycott the acne section of stores entirely. No chemical laden wash, toner, moisturizer is going to help you. All you need for your skin can be found in nature. You can be attacking internally and externally for the best effect.

Internally, there are loads of things to start eliminating. Things like refined sugar, processed/pre-packaged foods, non-organic foods, crappy vegetable oils (corn oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, cheap olive oils) Grape seed, sesame seed, apricot kernel, and a whole host of other oils are much better for consuming. You can try going gluten free for a month or longer and see if that helps. You can also see if going dairy free helps. If you continue to consume dairy, you should only purchase organic dairy that does not have added I-GF1 or rGBH.

Also it's great to incorporate lots of raw fruits and vegetables into your diet. And healthy omega 3 fatty acids, but not from fish oil. Unless you're using a cod liver oil that is refrigerated at a whole foods type store, it's likely going to be rancid. And fish oil comes from the skin of the fish, whereas cod liver comes from the liver. So there's a large difference. Walnuts are a great source of omega 3's, as well as Chia seeds, Hemp seeds, and Kiwi Seeds. These seeds are best consumed sprouted/fermented, but sprouted is the next best option. Navitas sells a wide variety of these seeds

Topically, if you think you need a wash, you can make it right from home. An easy recipe uses yogurt, oats, organic sugar, and a small amount of grape seed oil/sesame oil/apricot kernel oil, etc. After this, you can tone using a homemade toner. There is a lot of freedom when it comes to these homemade toners, but i can link you to a couple that i make. If you wean off of harsh chemicals, i believe that once your face adjusts, you won't need a moisturizer. If you do, you could try aloe vera straight from the leaf. You can buy aloe leaves at whole foods market. You can even mix a little aloe into a homemade toner if you'd like.

Anyway, going all natural is what saved my skin. And i don't advocate anyone use harsh topicals, ever. Not after seeing what they do to people's skin. Including myself.

80%-20% Alkaline forming vs Acid forming Diet

I don't consume:
*Whole grains
*Refined sugars
*Table salt
*Vegetable oils
*Processed/Fast foods
*Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)
As well as the pesticides/herbicides that come with them

My philosophy: Less externally, more internally

Even taking long hot showers in chemically treated tap water is too harsh for acne prone skin

(And that's without a face wash)

This site is absolutely loaded with info on curing acne internally

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Your skin looks eerily a LOT like my skin. I think your skin may look a bit better than mine, but we have all the same things going on. I went to many dermatologists and was told I had rosacea, but it just wasn't right. Finally a derm told me I have KPRF which I started believing from pictures I saw online of keratosis pilaris rubra faceii. I have been battling my skin looking like this for 2 yrs. I had normal skin up until 2 years ago when my skin texture and everything started changing. I have pink areas that are very embarassing so I have to wear make-up but makeup only accentuates the tiny bumps all over.

Do you feel like your face looks like it has shallow indentations in certain spots? Aside from the one on your cheek. Also, do you have blackheads and enlarged pores on your cheeks and forehead? Does it look like you have these lines on your skin because it is so unhealthy and also as if some pores have collapses and formed lines? Do you have any permanent pink skin areas that are always pink in the exact same shape on your face?

Before diagnosis of KPRF, I forced a dermatologist to do a skin scraping of my skin and look under a microscope. He found demodex mites. I will post more tomorrow. I have no time. But look into demodex mites.

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Was there any resolution to this? I havent had a test done but I think i may have the same thing. Shallow scars appearing out of nowehere, huge pores everywhere. I am considering buying the zz cream.

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It's a tough one to call, I think your skin looks more irritated than acne prone, if that makes sense. If it were me I would make a decision between two courses of action. I would either try and cut back on harsh products, try a basic cream cleanser, I like the La Roche Posse ones and simply wipe off with a damp cotton pad or damp wash cloth and from there just a simple oil free moisturiser. Or it might help to incorporate a gentle acid or retinoid into that regimen as well, I know it contradicts what I have said earlier about harsh products but I do believe that sometimes dehydrated skin, which is dry yet oily at the same time can have problems with exfoliating off dead skin cells, you need to get rid of the build up of dead skin cells for any product to penetrate your skin properly and a build up of dead skin will trap oil and dirt and ultimately irritate your skin further. You could start out with a low % salicylic acid serum for under your moisturise, or over. whatever works best and does cause too much irritation and see if that helps at all to clear those little under the skin bumps and the rough texture of your skin. I'm sure its just a case of finding the right combination of products as you don't seem to have inflammatory or cystic acne. Good luck

Current Routine


Cleanse: Merumaya cleansing balm, removed with damp hands and a cotton wipe. Followed by la Roche Posse La Toleraine cleaner followed again by rinsing with damp hands, patting my face and a cotton wipe
Tone: Pixi glow tonic, simply apply some to the palm of my hands and pat on my face

Moisturise: Aveene rich, or light moisturising lotion (oil free) spf 20

Topicals: Vitage protect and perfect serum, after I moisturise now that it's coming into fall and winter


Same as morning but occasionally will thrown in a priori aha cleanser and use Differin after I moisturise a few nights a week

Bliss aha mask once a week/every two weeks followed by Nuxe crème fraiche moisturising mask

Oral medication: Cilest BCP

Supplements: No current supplements

Current make up: Various foundations depending on my mood, Estee lauder double wear light, Vichy Dermablend, Charlotte Tilbury and Skin 79 BB cream, NARS creamy concealer or Naked concealer, Dollish CC cream for days when I don't want to wear foundation and Jane Iredale mineral powder to finish. For some colour I use tea to tan By Terry, it's water base tint to give me some colour and various cream and powder blushes (love my blushes) currently loving Orgasm by Nars for a pop of colour on my cheeks and Vita Liberata mineral tan is amazing for the summer

Tools: Sigma F80 Kabuki for foundation or Real Techniques beauty blender and pretty much every other real techniques bruses for the rest of my make up

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Your skin looks fine to me. Really.

Looks like there's a bit of hyperpigmentation though. These will fade with time or the healing can be increased with Salicylic Acid. This increases the cell turnover and helps to heal it faster.

Hyperpigmentation: Discoloration of the skin due to previous acne.

I recommend:

For any scarring, there is something called a DermaRoller. Check it out.

The Salicylic Acid product I recommended will help to close pores and clean off dirt and oil.

You need to find an OIL FREE NON COMODEGENIC moisturizer. This is key.

Regimen for you:


Salicylic Acid Pads


For any pimples, spot treat.


Best wishes,


Edited by WadeX

If something can go wrong it will.

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