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What Does This Mean?

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Sorry for all the topics, should be one of my last for a bit :P.

I was reading

and due to my over thinking, I can't really understand it well, but is it saying some Acne is permanent? or is it not saying that at all?

Sorry for the 'pointless' thread, but I didn't know where else to put this and I guess it's worrying/making me anxious. Hopefully some of you may understand, but yeah. Does it say there is a permanent acne? :S

Mainly talking about this bit:

"The finding of single clones represented by up to 25

isolates from diverse geographic areas collected with 87 years

interval indicates relative genetic stability and s
hows that some

epidemic clones are capable of successfully spreading in the

human population. This is compatible with the previous

observation that cross-infection with P. acnes strains readily occurs

in dermatological clinics [34] and, thus, presumably wherever

direct or indirect human contact is occurring.

Further studies are

needed to evaluate if this ability is restricted to certain clones, as

suggested by our findings, and to determine to what extend such

clones become permanent members of the skin microbiota or are

transient colonizers."

Cross infection between people in dermatology clinics does imply some degree of contagiousness. What they don't know if if those strains that are passed from one person to another actually take up permanent residence on the skin or not. There is another study that showed cross-contamination of drug-resistant strains of p. acnes between family members:


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