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Heather's Post-Accutane Log.

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Hey guys,

I thought I'd start a new thread as I completed my 4 month accutane course a couple of months ago and thought I'd let the people that follow my last blog how things have been since finishing accutane.

My accutane log is -

So my course ended up being cut short a month, which I was a bit worried about but ever since I have stopped taking the pills I have not had one zit. I went through massive stress with my first set of University exams and still, not one zit. I am amazed.

The red marks are slowly but surely fading. I purchased Clinique's Dark Spot Corrector which I use as a primer before I put my make-up on in the morning and then again at night after I was my make-up off. I give it an hour then apply my moisturiser which is still E45 cream but a newer and better edition. These products have been wonderful so far. Even my rolling scars and pitts left from the cysts I had experienced seem to be improving.

I'm still getting dry lips, nowhere near as bad. I live in Scotland and it's been bloody cold recently so maybe that's why. It's kinda hard to get out of the habbit of constantly putting lip balm on, but nearer the end of my treatment I discovered Nivea Lip Butter which is by far the best lip balm I have come across. Trust me to find it at the end of my treatment lol. I highly recommend it to anyone on accutane.

Not long after completing my treatment I bashed my face off the edge of my bedside cabinet whilst trying to find my dogs toy (she's always throwing them under the bed) which hurt like hell, scabbed up and has left a horizontal mark inbetween my eyes. The Clinique cream has been helping this also.

It has been so great not having to deal wtih zits. I actually completely forgot about accutane and zits and cysts etc and ended up getting my first tattoo about a month ago. It wasn't til afterwards I though oh dear my skin's still recovering from the accutane. But everythings been fine, the tattoo didn't even scab and is now completely healed smile.png

I go back to my derm in July to see about getting something done about the scarring. Hopefully I can post pictures at some point to show my skins progression. I honestly haven't even had a tiny zit on my face, not even a teeeeeny weeny one. So I am very pleased.

I am still noticing my hair coming out alot more than it used to when I brush/wash it etc but I don't worry about that too much, I have very thick hair that I've always hated.

I've noticed I've definately become more confident with my skin because I'm not wearing as much make-up when I leave the house now. Pre and during accutane I would wear liquid foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) with powder on top (Clarins - can't remember the type?). But now I'm only putting on the Double wear so this is saving me some money at the end of the day also.

Anyway, if anyone has any questions about anything acne related please don't hesitate to contact me. I have a week off before I go back to uni and work and would love to answer any burning questions of those thinking about taking accutane/currently on accutane/recovering from the treatment. smile.png

Thanks, Heather

Here's to accutane making me a happier person!

Month 1: 30mg

Month 2: 70mg

Month 3: 70mg

Month 4: 70mg


Moisturisers - E45 Cream & Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream

Lips - Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm (amazing!)

Wash - Pampers Baby Wipes

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Hello Heather,

I am also on Accutane.

Middle of Month 4.

5 Month Course.

When you were done with the treatment did you still alot of scars?

I have like two tiny pimples and the rest is just scars?

Do you think it will fade?

Are yours fading?

-Chow, Felix Wisniewski

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