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So, I always thought my red, dry face skin was genetic. I tried lots of moisturizers and different ways of washing etc etc. My skin had what almost felt like a layer of plaque on it, even after washing/exfoliating/moisturizing. Then I discovered this showerhead that filters out chlorine and other impurities. It's made by a company called "Culligan". I really hope everyone here will try this out, it's made such an amazing difference in the look and feel of my face..and all the skin on my body for that matter! My blackheads have shrunk, and the splotches of red are gone. The dryness and flaking has stopped...and my hair is nicer, too. I can even wash my face in hot water in the shower, and it doesn't dry out.

I figured I should share this, incase some of you haven't tried it..or heard of it. Seriously try it out, the showerhead is like $30, it comes with one filter and replacements (replace roughly every 6 months) are about $15.

Try it!

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