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Finally Got Rid Of Severe Acne In A Month!

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I've tried basically all the over the counter products that one can purchase. Yes, all of them. None of them made my skin better. On the contrary, all the products seemed to make my skin worse. I've had consistent severe cystic acne everywhere on my face.

It all began when my grandmother told me about this miracle drink...that both prevents and helps with arthritis, cancer, et. al. To be honest, it seemed to be good to be true. I took her advise with a grain of salt and you should too.

The actual drink is an apple-carrot-potato concoction, juiced together, drunk once in the morning and night on an empty stomach.

I thought, hey, it may help with preventing freak diseases in the future. Since the drink seemed innocent enough, I started drinking it once a day because I'm lazy. Ha.

After two days, my skin improved dramatically. I mean, who knew? I am unbelievably happy.

Now after a month, I have no breakouts and my scars have faded by at least 50%.

Of course, diet still matters. For me, only deep-fried and spicy foods are off limits. Everything else, like dairy, cheeses and rice are perfectly fine.

My routine:

***I'm a dude, so I use a simplistic approach, instead of the patrick bateman morning routine wink.png


Juice (3 apples, 1 carrot, 1 or 2 potatoes) - empty stomach

L'occitane Red Rice Cleanser (discontinued) - $22, but the entire thing will last 1 1/2 years, so.......

Clinique 7 day scrub - used everyday.


L'occitane Red Rice Cleanser

BTW, I've tried pretty much everything

My list of failed products: clinique acne, l'occitane, panoxyl, kiehl's, clean & clear, neutrogena, st. ives, bio oil, cetaphil, spectro gel, sulfur soap, vodka, yogurt, lemon juice, egg white, egg yolk, aspirin & honey, oxy and topical antibiotics

Note that I have tried several products from each brand. I can say that OTC products are downright ineffective and your condition worse. Seriously. Save yourself the trouble and do yourself a favor. Buy a juicer (I strongly recommend the Breville Juice Fountain Plus) and make this juice!

I swear I am not affiliated with the agricultural industry (I buy local produce smile.png), the juicing industry (I use a Breville juicer if you're interested), or l'occitane (it's a discontinued product for god's sake!).

The severity of my acne: 20+ pimples on an average day. 6-10 on a better day. Mainly cystic acne on cheeks, temples and some on the neck. I had some back acne as well.

Seriously, this is probably the best solution for acne. This approach offers absolutely no side effects, assuming you stop using topical medication like I did. My scarring have also faded dramatically. However, you need to have a good diet that does not contain, under any circumstances, fried food, very fattening food (medium-rare ribeye steaks did not break me out, while some dim sum did) and spicy foods. And just to reiterate, I eat a lot of dairy on a daily basis (an entire tub of greek, and it does not give me breakouts.

By the way, I am an avid tea drinker (green). Drinking a copious amount of tea did not affect my complexion in any visible manner. It can also be argued that it made it worse because it kept me up at night, reducing the time for shut eye.

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How many apples, carrots, and potatoes did you use? I drink a kale smoothie with broccoli and other veggies (taste gross) every morning and it didn't really do that much. Ive been drinking it for a while and I'm down to try your drink.

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I use 3 organic apples, 1 organic carrot, and 1 to 2 white potatoes in the morning with an empty stomach.

I must stress buying the freshest ingredients as you can!

It is vital to drink the concoction right away after you are done juicing because the juice will oxidate.

The drink tastes very good with one potato. You can up the dosage for the potato after a week or two, when you have gotten used to its taste.

If you think the juice is not so good with two potatoes, add a pear and it'll taste really good :)

Get rid of all green parts of the carrot and the potatoes because it is poisonous.

I've heard that raw broccoli is poisonous. Then again, it's a rumor.

Please note that I use absolutely no medication whatsoever because it aggravates my skin.

I mean come on, think about it. If topical medication really

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