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Best Talc Free Setting Powder In The Uk

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Hi Ladies,

I am in desperate need of some help as I am having a really hard time finding a talc free setting powder from the UK without it costing the earth. I have been using Rimmel silky loose powder but I have been informed it's been discontinued sad.png. So I have set off to find another setting powder but without talc as I think it was breaking me out slightly. I have at the moment purchased the Dermablend setting powder and use it to set my Revlon Colorstay. I love the way it looks on my skin but I have been breaking out a lot on my forehead which is somewhere I don't usually break out and so i'm putting it down to the powder which is a shame (contains talc). It's also very pricey at £13.99.

Any suggestions would be a great help and very welcome.

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