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Help Identify These Spots?

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Ive had these 2 spots on my face for over a year and a half now, I know I need to go to a dermatoligist and will in a few weeks when my insurance kicks in

In the meantime, can someone help possibly identify what this looks like?

Does it look like perioral dermatitis? Hyperpigmentation blocthes?

They don't itch at all and don't get flaky at all unless I put something on them that dries them up- but they are always there, they won't go away

They are a bit flaky in the photos below since i've been using Nixoderm on them past few days, which seems to be lightening them up just a tad,t but they're still there and it's super frustrating

Certain lighting makes the 2 blocthes look absolutley horrific when looking in the mirror

Any help would be appreciated



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