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Green Tea Is Magic!

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I'm new here but wanted to tell you all that after over 20 years of suffering with acne I've finally had a major breakthrough and it's really simple and cheap- green tea! I started drinking it after Christmas as part of the usual detox thing people do in January, and it occurred to me that if it had antioxidants that worked from the inside, it might do something to the outside. I wiped a used green teabag over my skin and it immediately felt clean and tight, like an astringent, but I was amazed to see that when I looked in the mirror my skin looked less red and angry. Did the same again the next day and again it looked much improved..not perfect by far but much healthier, cleaner and my redness was dramatically reduced.

I've had spots of varying degrees pretty much constantly since I was 17, and there have been times that it's been so bad that I've cancelled nights out and worn ridiculously big jumpers to cover up my face. It's always been worse during and just after menstruation and I must have spent thousands on treatments that just haven't worked. Never took the accutane route because I'd heard too many horror stories but did have prescribed antibiotics but they gave me other side effects so I stopped. I'd pretty much given up hope of ever having clear skin until I was full of wrinkles. I'm not saying I NEVER get spots any more because I've just had a nice giant hormonal one pop up this week- however I've just spent half an hour dabbing it with a cloth soaked in hot green tea and I'm not kidding, it's half the size it was an hour ago and my face looks pretty good.

Everyone's different and I know this may not work for everyone, but I'm guessing if you're here now you're feeling as miserable as I did.. So at about £1.50 for a box of green tea I recommend you give it a try.

Good luck :-)

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