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Using Salicylic Acid And Benzoyl Peroxide Together

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To make it short, is it okay to use benzoyl peroxide (Clean and Clear Persa-10 Acne Medication) and then a salicylic acid moisturizer (Clean & Clear Essentials Dual Action Moisturiser) after? Just didn't want to have some sort of chemical reaction on my face. Thanks for reading.


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I would suggest using the moisturizer during the day and the BP at night with no moisturizer.

No regimen is one-size-fits-all. You are unique and so is your skin.


Black soap - Lumiplexion Salicylic Acid ~ Lumiplexion SPF 30 ~ Lumiplexion moisturizer


Black soap ~ Lumiplexion Glycolic Acid 12% (3-4x week) ~ Lumiplexion Hydroquinone 1-2x week

Lumiplexion enzyme mask / sulfur mask / moisturizing mask 1-2 week as needed


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