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Clean Sheets And Fresh Air Makes A Lot Of Difference!

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Hello everyone.

I just thought I would get it out there as a search turned up nothing.

I recently broke out like crazy! not as bad as I was before the regimen 1 1/2 years ago, but it was definatly bad enough to have me worried.

I had no idea what caused it, ramping up my dosage of BP was helping but it was slow, and still is, but something has actually helped and is speeding my recovery up.

I hate to admit this but recently I found mould/mildew around the crevecis of my windows in my room, where I spend a lot of my time.

I never knew it was there! I'm putting it down to always having my windows and door closed, don't get me wrong I'm a really clean person.

Since then I cleaned it all up, and I'm regulary opening my windows, and now I'm also changing my sheets a lot more often, especially the pillow sheets, if not i'll put a towel over them.

It's definatly making a different, fresh air and sheets, I know this stuff is common sense for acne sufferers I guess, but I've only just realised how important it actually is.

If there is anyone out there having problems, try what I did above, make sure your room has a good supple of fresh air regulary (I'm not saying always keep your windows open,) and change your sheets! It made all the difference for me.

All the best

New Regimen!

Morning: 2 pumps Dan's cleanser in the shower, and "Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Hydrating Care" to moisturize, works to get me through the day without dry skin, but doesn't show, it's like there's nothing on my face, it's matt and doesn't shine.


Night: 2/3 pumps Dan's cleaner in the shower, using the cleanser to shave with a 2 blade generic razor, end segment finger's worth of Dan's BP, 2 pumps Dan's moisturizer with 6 drops generic, organic jojoba oil.

Sometimes just Dan's AHA+, or the usual application of Dan's BP with AHA+ on top if I'm feeling hardcore.


1 generic multivitamin, 30mg Zinc if the multivitamin doesn't contain it, 1/2 odorless garlic capsules, 2/3 EyeQ capsules (omega 3, 6, evening primrose oil,)

Have been on lots of different prescriptions, most successful was oxytetracycline.

New regimen!

Dove summer glow morning

AHA+ ( night!

Awaiting 20% salicylic acid gel in post for chin and nose.

Acne isn't returning after almost 2 years on the regimen

Looking for treatments for oily skin however, I have that really bad

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