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Accutane Help?

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Well i have a few things to say..

1. i have had a red face from inflammed skin and acne(not rosacea) before i started accutane after the treatment do you think it would go away? i look like a lobster everyday with a really bad sunburn when it is just red like that from no sun!!

2. what type of lotion works best for you for dry skin? (i use aquaphor healing ointment)

3. and i would also like to hear your stories and experiences while on accutane.

These are the side affects i have experienced:

-dry skin on face and arms

-cracked chapped lips

-red face ( redder than usual )

-muscle pain

Thanks for your responses and i hope you have a great accutane experience :)

Also i wanted to ask if anyone has experienced a red face on accutane

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