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Stay Away From The Body Shop

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Hey guys, if you're searching for new products to treat your acne, be careful if you're getting them from The Body Shop. I'm pretty much done getting active acne, so I've been perusing through my acne log to make sure I nailed every cause. One recurring theme I noticed throughout the logs is that products from The Body Shop seemed to cause me much strife. Pretty much every moisturizer they have contains comedogenic ingredients (AKA they break you out). Even the Tea Tree "Blemish Fade" Cream contained a really comedogenic ingredient that seriously broke me out. There was one product that I really liked, and that was their little bottle of 15% Tea Tree Oil. I didn't want to dilute tea tree oil on me own, so I decided to just buy a pre-blended product. Big mistake. The stuff was INCREDIBLE for the first two weeks, stopping pimples in their tracks and not even leaving behind hyperpigmentation. Then, it started to exacerbate my pimples, making them more inflamed. I decided to stick with it, since it brought my pimples to a head much quicker. Then I finally decided to ask myself the question: why doesn't it work anymore? What happened? I decided to check out the ingredients, and found that it contains denatured alcohol, a skin irritant. The whole reason I got tea tree oil in the first place was so that it didn't irritate my skin like BP. This conveniently irritated my pimples when I thought it was treating them. Piece of s**t. Anyway, bottom line is that I'd recommend staying away from The Body Shop for acne products. It's also a really good idea to do thorough research before buying products. Don't just check out reviews like I did, go through the INGREDIENTS as well.

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