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Rodan & Fields New Line For Adult Acne Called, Unblemish

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I've tried Proactive Solution in the past where it did wonders for my skin starting out on the 2.5% strength benzoyl peroxide than the cystics started in my early 20's. I spoke to Proactive and they let me try the 7% extra strength benzoyl peroxide line where it cleared up all of my cysts in a matter of weeks but the comodones stayed. It ended up backfiring on me when I started getting comodones and cysts again on my cheeks and jawline. I stopped using it of course and I'm now using Skin Medica per my Ethetician's recommondation with prescription orals and topicals that my dermatologist has me on.

Recently, I came across a new line that I haven't heard of before called, "Unblemish'by Guthy Renker. It looks like it's geared towards adult acne but it's a $160.00 investment. I'm unsure if I should try this in changing my entire skin regimen to see if this works or not. I've invested on my products, doctor visits, and facial appointments already. My skin is still gradually making progress on it's own. I do get hormonal breakouts before my period comes around but the cysts aren't as big as they use to be being on Doxycycline and Spironolactone. Most of the cysts surface enough for me to remove them easily after a shower when my skin is moist to do so. I do have some lingering ones that have shrunken in size but I prefer not to inject with cortisone unless I absolutely need to.

I had been going to my derm about once a week to everyother week getting my cysts injected. I've started Doxycycline about a month ago and seeing a difference slowly. I'm also using Tazorac at night where it's working on the comodones on my cheeks and jawline.

I've asked my facialist and dermatologist about trying this new line but I do know that Retin-A's take a few months to fully work. Should I consider using this new regimen in the future if mine isn't working at a specified time?

Thanks for all the feedback!

Skin Regimen


Boscia Clarifying Facial Cleanser

Obagi-C Clarifying Serum

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer

Acanya (Benzoyl Peroxide/Clindamycin)

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50+


Boscia Clarifying Facial Cleanser

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer

Tazorac 0.1% Topical Gel

Spironolactone 150mg. once daily for hormonal breakouts

Facials every 3-4 months or as needed for maintenance

Make-Up of choice:

Sheer Cover Loose Powder or Sephora Tarte Loose Powder

Sephora Tarte Tinted Moisturizer BB Cream with Amazonian Clay

(Updated 2015)

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