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Male Bacne Products In The Uk?

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Just discovered these boards - its good to see I'm not the only one with issues!

I have suffered from moderate shoulder and back acne for some time and have been hoping it would clear up naturally - no such luck! Like most people with the same problem I wouldn't dare take my shirt off in public, or even in front of a partner and its really obliterated my confidence. I'd first like to try some store-bought products before going to my GP for medications.

I'm in the UK and am struggling to find something appropriate in terms of a body wash I should use on my back. I see a lot of talk about looking out for 'hypothetical product A which as X Y and Z' in it, I was hoping for some specific products to go out and buy within the UK, or possibly online via Amazon UK.

I am male and the specific product suggestions I've been able to find via google are female-orientated. I understand there are differences in male and female skin, and as such slightly different products, and am not really interested in smelling like pink grapefruit etc! smile.png

I'm really very new to this - any suggestions appreciated!

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If it's a body wash you are loking for, then I love Neutrogea Body Clear body wash.It contains 2% salicylic acid.

I haven't seen it in the shops in the UK, but is available on Ebay for around £8 - £10 per 250ml bottle.

The first time I used it I noticed how the texture of my skin had changed. It felt a lot smoother.

Talking of pink grapefruit, Neutrogena do a pink grapefruit Body Clear version "with beads", which I accidentaly bought once. Yuk!

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