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Desperate Question About Antibiotics! Please Help

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Hi, i was wondering if you could help me?

  • I was on tetracycline from the age of 16-18, two years straight and it worked really well, acne cleared within 3 months

  • I stopped taking tetracycline when i was 19 because i wasn't getting acne anymore and foolishly thought i had grown out of it

  • I had the odd one or two pimples on and off but nothing major. Then I came back from travelling in September 2012 and my skin broke out like crazy (still 19)

  • I went back to my dermatologist and he told me to continue with tetracycline and use epiduo

  • I have been using it since October and my acne has reduced but i still have, and i am getting, acne acne on my lower face which is causing bad PIH

Is it possible i have become immune to tetracycline? Should I try a different antibiotic or accutane? What is the strongest antibiotic? I am so unhappy with my skin and i don't want to enter my adulthood with bad acne sad.png Please help

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I know your body can become resistant to anti-biotics after some time, and it's likely that is what has happened to you. I have never been an advocate of the use of anti-biotics to treat acne. Quite the opposite. You can only take them for so long, and when you are inevitably taken off of them, it's very likely that your acne will return in full force. This is because you haven't addressed the underlying metabolic cause of your acne. (which can be drastically different from person to person) So sure, you could find some new strain of anti-biotics that clear you up again. But you'd only be right back where you are now a couple years down the road.

What have you done, if anything, to address diet? And have you considered blood cleansing? I've seen many members clear their acne by using herbs such as Burdock Root, Red Clover, Dandelion Root, Rooibos Tea, Licorice Root, White Willow Bark, Sheep Sorrel,

Turkey Rhubarb, and a whole host of other herbs. You can make a tea using these herbs fairly easily, and they are inexpensive when purchased online from a bulk herbs retailer. Hell one user started purchasing a tea from the republic of tea company called Get Gorgeous which has a lot of these herbs in it, and she cleared her cystic acne. I can try to find that thread. But absolutely worth anyone's time to try blood cleansing, but only alongside a healthy, organic diet, rich in nutrient dense foods. And i believe it'll be more effective if you make the tea yourself, as you can control how much of each herb goes into it.

80%-20% Alkaline forming vs Acid forming Diet

I don't consume:
*Whole grains
*Refined sugars
*Table salt
*Vegetable oils
*Processed/Fast foods
*Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)
As well as the pesticides/herbicides that come with them

My philosophy: Less externally, more internally

Even taking long hot showers in chemically treated tap water is too harsh for acne prone skin

(And that's without a face wash)

This site is absolutely loaded with info on curing acne internally

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Antibiotics are effective for some & not so much for others. I too found they worked well when I was a teenager but have little effect now. If you find topical products aren't working, Accutane may be the route to go.

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Unless your acne is caused by something like SIBO, antibiotics are not a long-term solution.

And anyway, to get rid of SIBO, you would be on something like Rifaximin not tetracycline.




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HI please click on my post from screen name it should really help you.good luck if derm wont switch antibiotics then go to another one right away that will.thats definetly problem

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