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A Bit Dark Acne Marks

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Hey everyone so my acne is nearly gone! Just left with these horrible marks O_O But since I've been trying new things they've almost faded c:

Anyways I just wanted to let people know what I've been doing and this is 100% natural!

1) Sandalwood power mixed with rose water. This has to be used 1 every 2 days to see the full effect

2) using the inside of a banana peel. All you do is just rub it on the face. This is great for marks and pimples

3) Green tea applied topically. Just make ur green tea once ur done use the teabag and dab it on your face.

4) Ice cube. Just rub it on and it will help tighten the mark

If anyone else has any tips then share them!cool.png

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