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Hey Everybody (21, M, Moderate Acne, Accutane)

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Hey y'all,

I just started a five month course of accutane and will be keeping a log, so check that out if ya want.

I've also used epiduo, retin-a, doxycycline and several OTC meds to fight moderate acne that I've been dealing with for the past few years. Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience with the meds I've used. I also really appreciate any advice or comments on accutane, what I should expect, and what I should do.

Thank you!

Here's my accutane log:

Currently on Accutane(Started Jan. 18 2013, Finishing Early June 2013)

First 3 Weeks - 20mg(Myorisan)

Month 2 - 80mg(Claravis)

Month 3 - 80mg

Month 4 - 80mg

Month 5 - 80mg

Overall cumulative dose will be 9600mg which equals 120mg/kg. 175lb = 80kg

21 year old Male

Log w/ weekly Pics

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I wish you success on your Accutane treatment. If you have moderate acne as you say you have a very good chance of going into complete or long term remission with Accutane. Just be sure to listen to your body and the side effects. Some people get just dry skin/lips while others get very severe side effects that warrant stopping the drug. Most fall somewhere in-between. If you are unsure of anything talk to your doctor about it. Also if side effects are too much at a standard dose, ask to go on a lower dose but longer term treatment. Side effects are dose dependent.

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