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Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

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5.5 Weeks(38ish days) I have now been taking 80mg a day for 2 weeks. I can definitely say things were looking up for the first week or so. However, I have had some breakouts this past week. Definitely having one of those days where I'm getting really impatient and just want this to be over with! It seems like my skin is looking better overall. The right side of my face has been doing pretty well relatively speaking, and my forehead has had almost nothing...but that seemed to always be the case.

I had a breakout kind of diagonally down from the corner of my lip. I swear that eating a bunch of sugar causes me to break out in this area specifically.

My red marks do seem more prevalent since starting 80mg, but it's really hard to tell. Most of them definitely aren't going anywhere quickly.

I have also gotten much drier over the last week and have begun to flake mostly on my chin, upper lip and around my mouth. I think what I'm going to do is stop cleansing in the morning(just take a shower and let the water run over my face) and only use cetaphil cleanser at night. Hopefully that will help. I do have Olay moisturizer, but I put some on just the other night and I always get worried that it just makes my flakey skin stick to the rest of my skin and clogs stuff up. It is non-comedogenic and oil-free and is recommended by a lot of people on this site. If I really need to, I will use it...but things seemed to be going well without it until the last couple of days. This morning I tried just letting water run over my face for a short amount of time after cleansing last night, and I was a lot less dry and flakey.

Definitely not much oil production these days though, which is a good sign right?

SIDE EFFECT!! - I have the excema rash on the back of my hands that everyone talks about. I've been putting cortisone cream on it and that seems to help.

Also, definitely still have dry lips, but nothing unbearable.

Here is a timeline of the last few weeks in pictures that I put together. It does look like things are getting better, but I can only hope the improvement is exponential from here on out!



Currently on Accutane(Started Jan. 18 2013, Finishing Early June 2013)

First 3 Weeks - 20mg(Myorisan)

Month 2 - 80mg(Claravis)

Month 3 - 80mg

Month 4 - 80mg

Month 5 - 80mg

Overall cumulative dose will be 9600mg which equals 120mg/kg. 175lb = 80kg

21 year old Male

Log w/ weekly Pics

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