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Smooth Beam Laser Treatment

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I recently went through a really bad breakout/infection that lasted about 4 months it's now another 3 or so months later and my face was left completely scarred. The majority of my scarring is on my cheeks and under and along my jaw line they both have a lot of redness and some indented scars. I have noticed that my scars have been fading over the past few months but it is still pretty bad. I'm so tired of avoiding people and not wanting to go certain places, so this last visit with my Dermatologist i made and appointment for a Smooth beam Laser consultation on Feb 6th.

I've read a few reviews on the procedure and the majority of them seem to be negative, and some even said it made their acne/scars worse. I'm pretty nervous about this because the procedure is quite expensive and i wouldn't want to be left with an even worse face. Has anyone had any experiences with the smooth beam laser treatment on severe acne scares before?


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