Pcos And Sudden Adult Onset Acne.

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If like to start off by saying this is my first year with acne ever. It started off so mild and I used pro active and it cleared right up. Stopped using it and my skin was flawless like its always been (didn't have a single pimple as a teen not one/ not really surprising since everyone in my family not only has clear skin but glory skin) sooo when I had a nervous break down this year at my first semester of college my Skin had moderate acne over night (not even kidding) its taken months but is finally getting better. Not enough though :/ I followed my gut because I knew there was something health related. Turns out now I have pcos. It may be the beginning since I'm just having symptoms. I've kind of never trusted doctors especially dermatologists (glad I didn't) so I want to know is there any way to cure this condition holistically? If anyone else has gone through this the more solution the better. Not trying to be full of myself here but I've always had the perfect body and skin ( feel stupid now that I didn't appreciate it) my body hasn't gained any weight but I dread that will be coming next. Please please help I've always had insecurity issues ( when everyone said how perfect I was my skin clear nice body etc) now this change has happened and its the last thing I need to deal with ( had a horrible child hood abused all of it) really don't want to go through the side effects this condition is supposed to cause. Practically begging here an hoping someone can give me some hope :/

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