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Rose Robin

Filming With Acne Following My Dream

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Okay my name is Rose Robin.

I am currently filming a documentary series about traveling around Mexico. I have been in ferry boat, plane, camper, car, and now I'm biking and camping.

I am following my dream, filming a video diary, doing a form of gonzo journalism. I've been doing it for about 1 year.

I started to have acne when I stopped the pill about a year and a half ago. A friend got a tumor from taking the pill, estrogen gave her a tumor, she convinced me to come off the pill, so I did. Ever since I've had bad but controlable ance.

But... about a month ago I was in a small town in Mexico where the only water to drink was from the tape, the people seemed fine and after staying there for a week I didn't have tummy problems... but I started to get really bad acne, like I've never had before, when I made the connection and stopped drinking the water, it's seems to be too late. I havn't drunk that water in two months but the ance is still really bad, painful, red, all over my lower face and some times on my forehead.

I'm not moaning... okay may be I am a little... I'm hopeing it's going to go away soon... I don't wear make up because it comes off in three seconds when I'm biking. I'm taking Fenugreek, evening primrose oil, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Neem, fresh cloves of Garlic about 6 a day, I drink a tone of water because I'm sweating riding my bike, and I'm trying the caveman washing only with water... I think it's getting a bit better in the last few days, not sure.

What I really want to say is... Acne is not going to stop me from have a good time and following my dream, and I'm not going to stop showing my face in public, or on video... So I'll be the girl with acne traveling around Mexico on her bike... I think acne is part of life and I just have to deal ... So I'm going to stand proud and smile... I'm smile for all those with acne every where smile.png

If any of you have advice about the routine I've decide to take, like don't mix this with that or some thing, please do share.

I'm about to do a 600 km bike ride from Campeche to Chetumal, but I'll be on line when I can and I'll check in to see if you've replied.

Thanks for your time :*

Here's the link to the documentary series about Mexico, I suggest watch episode 1 of season 2... I hope you enjoy it:

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First I want to say is good luck and Congrats on making your film. Have you tried retin A micro?My cousin used it with good results and got it for like$35 n Mexico. Unfortunately it didn't work for me and I'm on accutane 2weeks in horrible Breakout. I feel uncomfortable with all this acne but I hope the accutane helps me in the long run.

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Hi I arrived in Xpujil today, my 5th day biking which means I done 268km, that means I've been doing an average of 53.6km a day... I'm tickeled pink tongue.png I'm staying in Xpujil for two night to recover then I'll be heading for Chetumal.

My acne is pretty much the same as before, I have some big white beauties... which I'm just inching to pop, but I'm not going to... I've noticed that the ones I leave alone dry up and disappear faster then the ones I pop... Camping helped me forget all about the acne for a while because I didn't have a mirror, although one little girl in a village called Suk-Tuk asked me 'What's all that?' pocking all over her face :ยง humm...

Well this is what I think of the caveman routine... I still have acne but no worst then before and I think a little better but I can't be sure... I'm going to keep going with it. I was biking all day from 8am to 4pm, only washing with water... I would clean my hands with soap when I could though. The pimps on my forhead have dried up and gone, but on the sides of my face and under my jaw are still there, red and itchy and painful.

Tonight I sleep in a bed in a cabin with the confort of a hot shower and internet biggrin.png

I invite any one who's interested to see the photos for the road trip so far to check out my face book :

I'll be putting up the next episode of 'Mexico Encantador' tomorrow.

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