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Huge Pimple On The Side Of My Face Near My Nose- I Used Toothpaste And It Is Worse!

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Hi, I am a 26 yo. Male. Last night I noticed where my nose and face intersect, it was a little tiny bit red. When I touched it, I could feel almost like a bubble under the skin which I assumed was pus. So I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed it was a bit more red in appearance and I could still feel the bubble with my finger so I decided to put some toothpaste on the area and I went back to bed. I know some people say not to use toothpaste, and others say toothpaste works good. I have done it in the past many times and it has always worked fine for me.

So when I woke up I took a shower and washed the toothpaste off, and was horrified what I saw, it looked like it was bleeding a bit toward the center of it and the area that was red before now appeared white. So I put some nerosporin on it to help because there was actually a bit of blood on the surface of it.

So I let it go the whole day and it still looks just as bad. I don’t know if I should put something on to dry it up (maybe with some witch haze or alcohol) or if I should try to squeeze the pus out of it or if I should just leave it.

There is a dermatology office down the street from me so I called them today, but they don’t take my insurance so I cant go to them. So I figured I would make a post here to see what anyone thinks I should do.

PS- I was looking up information online about using toothpaste to cure a pimple today, and I think the reason it did not help this time is because I used the wrong kind of paste. I usually use a more natural white toothpaste but I ran out so this time I used colgate I think it was, and it blue. I saw online today that they say not to use blue or green toothpaste on a pimple.


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