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Is Wearing Goggles Bad? (Science Goggles)

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First a little background- I'm a 20 (almost 21) y/o college student, developed mild acne at around age 13 that developed to moderate/severe acne at 16-17 which I finally managed to control at 18 and on (thanks to this regimen actually).

Nowadays for the most part I'm clean, and can deal with the occasional pimple everybody gets. Currently while not really "broken out" I've got some clogged pores, blackheads, and a few very small blemishes around my nose where I have to wear goggles. I'm majoring in biochemistry and as you might imagine have to spend a lot of time in a lab. Well I work with some pretty dangerous stuff so have to wear these large, full coverage, vented splash goggles on average at least six hours a week (goggles are required at all times) and they do tend to get sweaty and there is rubber to skin contact when they are worn properly.

My question is if wearing these things is bad for your skin? If it is, what precautions can I take to minimize chances of me causing breakouts.

Currently I just wash the goggles in some isopropyl alcohol before class for sterilization. Is that sufficient?

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