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Remove Wheat / Grains To Cure!

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I cured my Rosacea 15 years ago by taking all wheat and most grains out of my diet. I started taking a good probiotic ( Five-Lac - see Amazon). I started eating more raw veggies. My skin is now pale soft and beautiful - I am 52. Also, Rosacea is common w/ even a speck of celtic heritage.

If I eat grains, excess sugar of spicey foods, red meats or coffee - the redness may return for a few days.

There is a huge relationship between the gut and the skin. If there is inflammation in the gut - due to ingesting the 5 foods most like to cause sensitivities ( wheat, corn, dairy, soy.. and most GMO grains) - then there is likely to be inflammation in the skin.

~Below is Dr. Mercola's take on the no grain approach.


~And here is anarticle expanding on the subject of the gut, the skin and alkaline diets...


I saw results in 2 weeks!

To get me off grans: I substituted low gluten grains such as quinoa and millet - both delicious, & can be served sweet with honey and butter for breakfast - or with savory foods for dinner.

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Hi Eliza. Good to see you made a big change to help your problem, glad to hear it helped.

Can I ask though. Why is it that oatmeal is supposed to be so good for reducing redness of skin? Oats are classed as a grain right? I'm a bit confused about this, it would be nice to hear some opinions on it.

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Hi all,

I use Cocnut Oil and Diatomaceous Earth to heal and prevent my Rosacea flare-ups

Here's my story:

I went to a homeopathic doctor to find out what was causing my rosacea. After doing some Applied Kinesiology, he told me that an increase in paraites was causing my rosacea. He gave me some natural meds to help flush the parasites from my system, but that I also had to cut simple sugars from my diet, which includes wheat and other grains (basically the anti-candida diet).

Four weeks into the anti-candida diet, with a couple of good flare-ups throughout the process, my partner recommended trying a mixture of coconut oil and D.E., aka diatemaceous earth, as a topical solution. I mixed the oil and the DE 1:1 and would melt about a nail sized dab in the palm of my hand by rubbing it around with my pointer finger. Once mixed and melted, I would then rub it on my face, mainly focusing on my flare up areas (cheeks, nose, & moustache area). I was doing this three times a day and noticed a change after the first day with lots of dry skin on my flare-up spots. After the second day the flare up was noticably seceding and the dry skin build-up was gone.

It has been almost a month of doing this and I have not had a flare up, but it seems like it would want to come back if I stop using it. Some say to also ingest the coconut oil and DE, so I am going to try that too and see if also helps prevent the flare-ups from coming back.

Let me know if the topical solution works for you.

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