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Whole Buch Of Whiteheads, Not Much Else

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Allright, so I think that although I have cleared up most of my normal acne I keep getting these huge, gross whiteheads around my mouth. They often appear like 3 at a time, not usually more than an inch from my lips. They typically look like this:


I also get them on the sides of my nose. A few weeks ago I had a huge breakout of them, and now there are like 7 of them around my mouth and lower jaw area.

I change my pillowcase every day, keep a low GI diet, avoid greasy food that might clog pores if I eat it messily, never touch towels to my face, and wash my face twice a day. I use typically use aveeno wash, and around twice a week I exfoliate using a salicylic acid wash instead.

Does anybody have a good way of treating these / should the regemin on this site help? I shoudl add that I have extreemly sensitive skin. Thanks!

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