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My Possible Long Term Solution...niacin.

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I made this account just so I could post on my success recently in hopes that this information can help somebody else.

To begin with I have had a flurry of skin problems my whole life including severe cystic acne, eczema, dermatitis and allergy related skin problems as well. The new treatment I have been doing only has effected my cystic acne but I can't complain.

My skin will usually be very oily naturally but for some reason during the winter the oil starts to collect and somehow my skin manages to get very dry. I also regularly have excess dead skin accumulate. (Sorry for the kinda nasty details). Anyway starting from probably early middle school I have had severe and painful cystic acne. I would always have a minimum of three enormous pimples and sometimes up to ten whiteheads each morning. On top of that, they usually left red marks so my face is pretty scarred, which is what I will be looking to fix next.

Anyway I have tried every over the counter medication, natural medication, many prescribed treatments and I radically changed my diet as well as doing cleanses. I have been on a vegan, raw vegan, fruitarian, and paleo diet over a 5 year period, which all have shown good results but I would always have lots of acne.

So onto my hopeful cure. I clean my face with clean and clear deep action exfoliating scrub. This helps at least in part to stop a very small portion of my acne and helps remove a lot of the oil. But the actual cure for me so far has been niacin skin flushing.

I have read many posts that says how wonderfully niacin works but after a week or two your body develops a tolerance and you no longer will skin flush unless you continue to increase your niacin intake until it reaches dangerous amounts.

I must mention and this is one of the key points is that this is not the non-flushing niacin. You want niacin that says nicotinic acid. So you are going to want to find the dosage that provides a full skin flushing experience. This essentially means that about 30 minutes after ingestion your skin (mostly on your arms, shoulders, face and ears) will turn bright red. Don't worry this is not dangerous however it can be rather uncomfortable. For me this dosage is 500mg of niacin.

I was no exception to the tolerance rule, so I started experimenting timing between doses. I have found for me personally I need to wait 72 hours in between dosings in order to continue to have my skin flush as well as the niacin to continue to work. AGAIN THE DOSAGE AND WAITING PERIOD NEEDED TO AVOID TOLERANCE WILL VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON. So start with a small amount of niacin.

Anyway to conclude, it has now been well over a month with almost no acne. Ive had one pimple that went away in two days (the niacin makes them go away much quicker) and today I woke up with a small white head that is unnoticeable after popping it. I can't be sure this will work for anyone else but my skin has never been this clear since my acne started back in middle school and I felt a need to share my story.

So there you are, I am not an active member but I will try to respond to any questions. I am sorry for the probably poor grammar and spelling but I don't have enough time to read through and correct this.

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