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Where Can I Purchase A Good Quality Derma Stamp Online?

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Does anyone have any recommendations as to where they had purchased a good Derma stamp that has given good results. Or if anyone generally knows a site that offers good quality and trustworthy Derma Needling products. Good quality as in stainless steel, small in diameter of the needles, the right amount of needles on the product, etc.

I was thinking of purchasing the Derma Stamp from this site:


Can anyone confirm this is a good place to get a Derma Needling product?

Under that site, I see Derma Rollers for $17 and for $49 with the same lengths in comparison. Does anyone know the difference in quality between the $17 rollers and the $49 rollers?

I was thinking of getting this Derma Stamp: http://shop.owndoc.c...p05-pid206.html

It has a description describing the specs of the stamp. Can some one confirm what they say in the description is true and that it is OK to get?

Unfortunately, it doesn't come in $49 (as I assume the $49 are higher in quality)

Thanks in advance!

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You may want to look at a much better solution. The Dermapen, Dermapen is an automated derma stamp claims that derma pen can cause you agree?

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