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Face Swelling With Vitamin D3 ?

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Hi All,

So I came across an article on how Vitamin D3 can help clear acne. So I immediately ordered me a Nature's Bounty Vitamin D3 5000 IU Softgels.

And its been three days i have been takin them. and I started to notice my face swell up slightly! So I read up online about adverse reactions of D3 and I found this -

"Allergic reactions are the only adverse effect created by vitamin D3 not related to overdosing. Rashes, severe dizziness, difficulty breathing, or swelling of the face, tongue, or throat are all signs of an allergy and require immediate medical attention."

Now I am scared to try it.

I mean I haven't had the other effects like dizziness, rashes or swelling of the tongue or throat, its just that my face is puffy. And also, I live in a sunny place. But I'm out on the sun for like 15 minutes a day Maximum. So Could this be a Vitamin D Overdose?

Is there a way I can make it go away? - Take lower Mgs? - Fewer times a week? - Exercise?

Has anyone else experienced Vit D3 Allergy?

I bought my bottle very recently and I would be disappointed to see it go waste!!! sad.png

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My only suggestion would be to stop taking it completely. Then see if your swelling goes down. Once the swelling is down,if you are up for it, try taking it again and see if it swells up again. If you do find there is a connection between the two, I would stop taking the D3 and move on to some other supplement - there are many others with good results

Good luck!


light wash with cleanse

Aveeno Daily SPF 15

Aczone (As only spot treatment)


1000mg Omega-Complex



medium wash with Cleanser

Medium application of Aczone

layer of lotion

Evening Supplements

50mg Zinc

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A little puffiness is probably not an allergic reaction. Generally allergic reactions to vitamin D are pretty obvious, like the description'd be reeling from the dizziness and you're swelled up like you got stung by a hive of bees.

Any time you add a supplement it can change subtle things about your body. The vitamin D may be making you retain water a little more than usual. If it bothers you, just take it fewer times a week and try to gradually build up to higher dosages.




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You can't be allergic to Vitamin D itself. If you were you would be dead. You body must have Vitamin D for proper health and bone growth, etc. You also cannot overdose on 5000IU. It is extremely safe at that dose and especially just starting out. That dose is also considered safe over the long term. If you think you are having an allergic reaction, it is likely due to the other ingredients in the softgels or something else entirely in your diet or environment.

I have had amazing results taking Vitamin D so I would stick with it. Perhaps you should try changing to a lower dosage tablet form. I am taking 1000IU in tablet form and it has completely eliminated my oily skin and acne. I posted my story earlier today about the amazing cure Vitamin D has been for me.

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