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Bp + Retinol = ?

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HI! I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on this topic. I've been on the regimen for about 4 weeks and im 99% clear. thing is, I feel the need for anti aging cream as my laugh lines are more defined since ive been using BP. I still have some neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair night cream lying around ( stopped using it when i started the regimen) and I am thinking of using it again as my night cream. it contains retinol, but i don't know how much %. any advice? or are there other anti aging creams you can suggest that I can incorporate into the regimen? thanks! :)



1 pump Dan's Cleanser ( i usually sing the ABC's and end at T because thats the 10 second mark)

1 ring finger's length of Dan's BP

1 pump Dan's Moisturizer ( depending on how dry my skin is)


1 pump Dan's Cleanser

1 ring finger's length of Dan's BP

2 pumps Dan's Moisturizer

50 mg zinc

** I only use my ring finger for "featherlike touch" application. The ring finger is considered to be the "weakest" thus putting the least pressure on your skin. this is ideal for beginners and the heavy handed.

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